Output - WP1
WP1: SMART Volunteering competence framework for third-country migrant women’s social integration

The Work Package 1 aims at identifying:
a. challenges third-country migrant women face in achieving smooth social, educational and cultural integration, exploring their understanding of “volunteering” and the benefits it could bring for their social and economic integration if they would volunteer in a more strategic way.
b. perception and understanding of “SMART” volunteering amongst NGOs, and the third sector who currently support third-country migrant women;
c. perceptions and challenges the business sector faces when integrating third-country migrant women and the work they do in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility within this area.

You can find the whole report below:

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Output - WP2
WP2: SMART Volunteering Training Programme

In the framework of the WP2, the partnership will offer SMART Volunteering Awareness Training to voluntary organisations, NGOs, social workers, volunteer, as well as to business advisors and business training organisations. A 4 month training programme to 16-20 trainees in each partner country (face-to-face sessions and online exercises) will take place. The results of this WP will be further tested and enhanced under WP3, where those recruited in the civil society and business sectors will take part in Diversity Circles™. this purpose learner packs and facilitators guides will be developed which will facilitate the train the trainers.

Output - WP3
WP3: Mentoring and Diversity Circles™

Inova has developed innovative personal development training through a blended learning methodology based on Action Learning: Mentoring Circles™, Career Circles™ and Enterprise Circles™. Mentoring Circles™ will be offered to female migrants from third countries in order to create their own learning path towards social and cultural integration. Combined with face-to-face and online storytelling, participants will be enabled to empower themselves and inspire their peers. The Mentoring Circles™ for female migrants from third countries contribute to the project objectives of social and cultural inclusion through the development of a high-quality programme that supports female migrants across Europe to better recognise their skills and learn how to transfer them to a new country with a new societal context. It will help them improve their social, cultural and even political participation, teach them about their rights and support the development of an analytical and critical mind. With this, female migrants will be given the opportunity to fend against segregation by society and self-imposed segregation. It will also enable them to find the SMART Volunteering opportunities that truly offer them something to gain; deeper social integration combined with valuable work experience. The Circles™ will furthermore help them to resist taking on voluntary work that does not correlate with the skills they want to develop and the fields in which they wish to be active.

Output - WP4
WP4: Role Model Campaign

The overall objective of the Work Package is to share successful practices, experiences and mechanisms so third-country migrant women who took part in the SMART Volunteering project can inspire their peers, promote efficient social integration and foster dialogue between migrants and host communities.

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