3rd Partner Meeting in Matera, Italy

On the 12th- 13th of June, the 3rd partner meeting of ‘SMART Volunteering’ was held at Matera, in Italy. Representatives from all partners of the project came together in order to follow up the process and progress of ‘SMART Volunteering” and discuss about the next steps of the project.

During the meeting, each partner presented their work in relation to the trainings they have implemented, the Diversity Circles™ and Mentoring Circles™. A discussion took place regarding the outcomes that derived from the meetings the partners had with the female migrants and the representatives of NGOs, social workers, volunteers and the Business sector.

3rd Partner Meeting in Matera, Italy

The dissemination and management plan of the project were presented once more and an allocation of tasks took place by the end of the meeting. Finally, the partners discussed about the next big event of the project which is the Final Conference that will take place at Brussels, in Belgium before the end of the year.

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