SMART Volunteering_Learner Pack- Business Organisations

8 UNIT 1 – The Business Case for Diversity Description This unit of the SMART Volunteering training Unit 1 will focus on the facts and figures regarding female migrants, tackling stereotypes and myths so as to encourage businesses to adopt a more tolerant mindset towards female migrants and support them in their integration in society. By using the Bussiness Case strategy, Unit 1 will support the task of making businesses more effective, more successful and more profitable through diverse workforces. Learning Outcomes After the completion of Unit 2, you will be capable of:  Knowing the migration context of their own country and Europe  Knowing the female migration context  Understanding the processes behind stereotypes  Being aware of unconscious stereotypes and prejudices  Recognizing the danger of relying on only one perspective  Understanding the benefits of a diverse workforce  Realizing the advantages of integrating female migrants in European companies Also, you will have developed/improved the following skills related to the competence addressed by the specific unit:  Cultural sensitivity;