SMART Volunteering_Learner Pack- Business Organisations

7 Overview of the training o address the difficulties identified in the research, the project delivers a training targeted to business stakeholders that focuses on gender & migrant awareness and incorporates the tackling of stereotypes by emphasising the importance of diversity in the world of business and the connected European economy. It strives to strengthen involvement of the business sector in volunteering projects in the partner countries, as well as encourage Chambers of Commerce and private companies around Europe to adopt a more tolerant mindset towards female migrants. The training is organised in three units, as follows: T Looking at the facts and figures regarding female migrants and tackling stereotypes and myths so as to encourage businesses to adopt a more tolerant mindset towards female migrants and support them in their integration to society. UNIT 1 – The Business Case for Diversity Addressing diversity management as a new way of thinking and operating in the management and enhancement of differences, in order to activate processes that favour an increasing attention of the organizations regarding the management of diversity in the workplace. UNIT 2 – Stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination How your company can foster the active participation of third-country female migrants through a multicultural and authentic intercultural dimension. How to foster your corporate social responsibility. UNIT 3 – SMART Volunteering