SMART Volunteering_Learner Pack- Business Organisations

5 for migrant women, a civic visibility manual, which results will be documented, sustained and promoted through multi-languages materials and a digital platform for further utilisation by civil, business and migrant groups in the EU states and at EU and international level. Diversity in the Business Sector n order to provide an effective training program to business advisors and business training organisations, a needs analysis was carried out to understand the stakes linked to effective social integration of third-country migrant women. This research collected direct feedback from business organisations on the existing gap between prevailing methodologies and female migrants from third countries’ needs. The survey included both quantitative and qualitative questions, so as to cover all needs. Both categories focused on exploring how female migrants from third countries are perceived by business organisations and explore diversity challenges and possible ways to tackle migration stereotypes and adopt a more tolerant mindset towards female migrants. The main findings were: ▪ Most companies either do not have official policies on equal opportunities and/or gender equality or do not find it applicable to their companies. I