SMART Volunteering_Learner Pack- Business Organisations

12 UNIT 2 – Diversity Management Description Diversity management is defined as a new way of thinking and operating in the management and enhancement of differences, in order to activate processes that favour an increasing attention of the organizations regarding the management of diversity in the workplace. This unit searches to increase knowledge on the migration phenomenon and gender issues as well as the meanings of the concepts such as migrant, refugee, stereotype, prejudice, discrimination. Learning Outcomes After the completion of Unit 2, you will be capable of:  identifying and recognizing unconscious stereotypes and prejudices  being aware that ours is just one of the possible visions of the world and get in touch with other possible perspectives  identifying diversity as a value to be valued Also, you will have developed/improved the following skills related to the competence addressed by the specific unit:  to know how to recognize prejudices and stereotypes even in contexts of apparent neutrality, even in ourselves  to pay attention to gender issues and unconscious bias  to know how to fight prejudices through recognizing others  to know how to value diversity