SMART Volunteering_Learner Pack- Business Organisations

9  Openness;  Self-awareness;  Interpersonal awareness;  Leadership;  Strategic vision regarding diversity in the workplace. Workbook Name of the activity : Competency-Based interview roleplay Module : 1 for TG3 Detailed description of the activity 1. Divide class in to two major groups randomly: a. Group of employers b. Group of prospective employees 2. Get employers to prepare: - Choose a position inside your current company - Make a list of: ● Technical Skills ● Performance Skills ● Essential Job Functions – ask yourself: ▪ Does the position exist in order to have the function performed? ▪ Is the majority of time in the position spent performing the function? ▪ Are there negative consequences if the function is not done? ▪ Do personnel practices, precedents and documentation suggest the function is essential? ▪ Prepare interview questions regarding those skills and functions Start your questions with: ● Tell me about a time when… ● Give me an example… ● Think of a specific situation when… ● Walk me through a time in which you demonstrated… ● An important skill for this job is ________. Describe a situation that demonstrates your strength in this area. ● What types of experiences have you had in _______? Tell me about a specific situation.